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Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable flashlight news and information.  We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom Flashlight News

Production Flashlight News

Barrel Flashlight Company recently had a drop on their website – They dropped a camo pattern named the Picatinney Aluminum Rail Woodland Camo Dragon…. these went for $400, and sold out quickly!

Aluminum Rail Woodland Camo Dragon

BestDamnEDC (@BestDamnEDC) is branching out into actually making a flashlight. It looks like right now it’s just a 3D printed model, but it’s nice to see more smaller lights being thought about!

BestDamnEDC 3D Printed Prototype FLashlight

Neal of NealsGadgets has BLF A6 in brass and copper! Surprisingly the Convoy S2+ has never been made in brass so this A6 in brass is an extraordinary (and arguably better) option.

Budget Light Forums BLF A6 light n brass and copper

Copper and Current had a leap in design recently, fitting all these tiny parts on the tiny 15mm pcb. The “15VP” driver is progressing nicely.

Copper and Current 15VP flashlight driver

CWF Custom Lights and Copper Shed recently had a collaboration effort, seeing three CWF lights get custom etching. These were sold on Facebook. There were two copper and two brass available. These have had some serious etching work done!

CWF Custom Lights and Copper Shed collaboration engraved flashlights

Deadwood Custom Works has teased a work-in-progress carbon fiber inlay on the Tombstone! Inlays are a feature we don’t see often, and when we do see inlays, we see them in extraordinary lights. Once Grant gets this technique sorted, these are going to have lasting impact on the community!

Deadwood Custom Works Tombstone flashlight with carbon fiber inlay

edc_creative_bureau is maker of “innovative products” and has been working on a custom flashlight design. With that direction in mind, that account has bounced all flashlight content out to the @custom_flashlight account. Follow progress at that account!

edc_creative_bureau flashlight

Frelux is reworking the Synergy1. It looks like the new light will share many electronics with the Synergy2, and be slightly larger than the Synergy1. It’s unclear at this time if the light will retain the Synergy1 nomenclature, or get a b it of middle ground naming like “Synergy1.5.”

Frelux Synergy1 new  flashlight driver in development

HDS Systems has announced plans to sell 18350 and 18500 battery compartments. They went on presale Monday, October 12, 2020 and the sale is ongoing until noon of October 31.

The price will be $212 each, which is the same as the 18650 tube.

HDS Systems 18350 and 18500 battery compartment presale

Laulima prototyped a shorty pocket clip for their Hoku! This is great for a number of reasons, most notably the light now has a proper sense of scale. But it also means there’s a shorty body (as opposed to the longer body, required by the longer “standard” clip).

Laulima Hoku custom light with short pocket clip

The Laulima Hoku gets another special upgrade, too – phosphor bronze springs. These have about 4x the conductivity and should be much better for the small light than the previous stainless springs. It’s great to see makers thinking about these little things!

Laulima Hoku custom light new phosphor bronze springs

Lautie EDC, maker of “EDC toys” has released the Coil – a quad emitter single cell light. We here at PhotonPhreaks are fans of lights that look like light sabers, and this one is an exceptional entry into that field. Pricing or availability hasn’t been stated at this time.

Lux-RC FL-33 v4 is coming! It’ll have a new engine and electronic button that drastically extends the usability and functions of 371 V2.0 and 372 V2.0. The FL-33 is truly a unique light in the field of 18350 flashlights, and the new electronics give it a mind blowing level of control and programmability.

Lux RC FL-33 V4 flashlight

The above news from Lux-RC has other trickle down news – the old FL-33 user interface could mostly be covered by a single fold wallet sized user diagram. The new UI is more complex, and so will need more than just this wallet sized card. So Lux-RC will abandon the card, and is seeking user input to know what exactly is best going forward!

Lux RC FL-33 V4 flashlight User Manual

Reaver Arms is not a brand that likes to do the same thing over and over. Jesse has started work on a semiconductor Citadel. We don’t know yet if this is a one-off, or will be “moderately available” (since even the “normal” Citadels are somewhat hard to get. We applaud Reaver Arms for working with this fragile material.

Reaver Arms Citadel custom flashlight in superconductor

ReyLight has announced (and is already selling) a brass Pineapple Mini. This is an AAA/10440 flashlight, with the venerable Nichia 219B 4500K R9080. This is a high CRI emitter.

ReyLight brass mini pineapple flashlight

YellowDay Energy (YDE) offers one of the few milled clip options on the market. Now YDE is offering a mokuti clip! These clips look just incredible. YellowDay Energy is the maker of the “Wreck It” flashlight, and these clips have popped up on at least one model of the Wreck It.

Yelloday Energy custom flashlight clip in zirconium damascus

Acebeam has announced the H60. This headlamp utilizes the new SunLike TRI-R technology for high CRI (>97) and TLCL ratings with spectral distribution as close to the sunlight as possible, which helps us become more productive. Different from other LEDs, Sunlike LEDs is with zero blue ray damage (RG0). 

Acebeam H60 headlamp

Astrolux has introduced a new charger. The VC04 charger is a 4 bay charger, powered by USB-C, and looks very interesting for a low price!

Astrolux VC04 battery charger

Cree sells LED division! We don’t know yet how this will affect flashlights and flashlight technology.

Cree sells it's  LED division

Despite selling the LED division, Cree has updated the XHP35. There’s now an XHP35.2, available in HD and HI!

CREE XHP 35HD and XHP 35HI LED emitters

Fenix introduces the LD32 UVC, a light with a UVC emitter. It’s promoted as a sanitizing option, but always remember that UVC rays are harmful to skin and eyes.

Fenix LD32 UVC  sanitizing  flashlight

Fireflylite is making a mini-size thrower. It’ll have a single Osram CULNM1.TG with 3.6 degree long throw optical lens. It’ll be short, too, at only 79mm length.

Fireflies pocket thrower prototype flashlight

Imalent is releasing a pistol light. The UT10 should be available soon.

Imalent UT10 pistol light and laser

IMR is offering 21700 button tops. Most 21700 cells until now have been flat tops, so this is a nice option for the lights which might need a button top.

Samsung 30T 21700 button top

Led Lenser has teased a new light. There are no more details about it right now!

Lumintop E05C has been updated and is now compatible with both 14500 and AA cells!! Dual chemistry compatibility is a big deal for these small lights.

Lumintop EDC05 AA flashlight

Lumintop has also released the GT3, a triple emitter, XHP70.2 can light.

Lumintop GT3 can light

Lumintop loves to play on the FW series lights. The LM10, originally available in only aluminum, is now available in both copper and brass.

Lumintop LM10 flashlight in copper and brass

SkyLumen is offering a combo deal on the Manker E03H II + Manker E02 II. These are available as a CW or NW combo!

Skylumen Manker E03H II and Manker E02 II headlamp and flashlight

Manker is producing a two emitter keychain light with a side switch. Manker’s UI and backlit e-switch should make the ML03 quite interesting.

Manker ML03 flashlight

Mateminco MT90vn+ = Farthest Reflector Thrower 3Mcd from SkyLumen is available now as an unanodized light!

Mateminco MT90vn+ flashlight

Another Mateminco on the horizon, this time teased by Neal of NealsGadgets. The MT35MINI – available in copper and brass.

Mateminco MT35MINI  flashlight in copper and brass

Modlite has had some words for “influencers” and reviewers working for Leviathain Group. Modlite followed this up by walking the wording down slightly later.

Modlite flashlights influencer review post

Nitecore has announced the MH12S, a tactical 21700 light. It will have dual switches, and USB-C charging.

Nitecore MH12S FLashlight

Nitecore is also releasing the P20UVv2. This 18650 light was designed with the tactical user in mind.

Nitecore P20UV V2 flashlight

Olight Peripheral products voting is ongoing! Go vote here. No absentee ballots.

Olight Accessories votes

Olight has released its first Breast Cancer awareness light, the i1R EOS Pink.

Olight i1R EOS Pink keychain flashlight

Sofirn is re-imagining the C01. They’re changing the emitter to be Sophia emitters, 3400K CRI 95+ 5mm LED. There will be 5000 pieces available. Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Desert Tan will be available 1K each. In addition, there are 1K red, using 670nm red emitter.

Sofirn E01 flashlight

Photo credit: Zeroair.

The Thrunite TT20 has hit stores, and the dual switch interface is looking good!

Thrunite TT20 Flashlight

Weltool introduces the first LEP weapon light! We don’t have other details about the W35 yet.

Weltool W35 Weapon Light

Zebralight is no longer willing to ship to Australia, a user on reddit has reported.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

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