Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 46

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest flashlight news and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight News

Copper and Current

Mike of Copper and Current reflects on the Hinton run and reiterates his love of designing things. If you’re in the Copper and Current Facebook group you can read it here. We appreciate the effort put into Hinton, and the love shows through! We look forward to whatever is next for Copper and Current!

flashlight news copper and current

One thing that’s not new from Copper and Current is the attention to detail and continual improvement. Here Mike spent time diagnosing a problem and fixing the 15VP driver.

flashlight driver

CWF Flashlights

CWF made a Blade-Show-Special Micro Arcadian! Looks great with the seigaiha design.

CWF mini arcadian flashlight

Another new Micro Arcadian by CWF is this – we’ll call it a – digital camo pattern. Looks great!

Engraved custom flashlight

Focus Works EDC

Jordy of Focus Works EDC teased in video form, a tiny button clicky with an exposed, domed emitter. It looks like a great fun fidget toy!

Another teaser of a fun gadget from Focus Works is this twisty that surprisingly runs a 14500 cell! We’re not sure how Jordy did it!

focusworks edc flashlight

Hanko Machine Works

While this isn’t a full product or something you might even be able to custom order, it certainly bears cataloging. This multi-inlay Hanko Machine Works Trident also features many tritium slots and is extremely special. And it looks to be a mixed metal! We hope to see the finished product.

hanko custom torch

Kemenes Custom Lights

Gyorgy Kemenes is coming at us with another tiny creation called simply “Sphere.” This light uses a UV emitter to excite a tritium-based glow-in-the-dark dome and is powered by a rechargeable coin cell battery! We excitedly await availability information.

Another bit of fun news from Kemenes Custom Flashlights is specifying which parts exactly can be customized on their new TiHany flashlight. Anything with a label below can be treated specially!

Speaking of TiHany: an announcement of the intended release was just made! While it might not happen until the end of the year, stay tuned to the Kemenes FaceBook page for more. And start preparing your wallet!

More news about the TiHany is this crystallized finish. Parts for the Balaton have been tested, too. Looks great!

Laulima Metal Craft

The Todai Slim carries on the great Todai design work from Laulima, but is in 14500 form! It should be great for an upscale carry.


Lux-RC has installed the newest and greatest emitter available, Nichia 519a, into their already-great drivers. Here we see these drivers installed in the Lux-RC FL33, with their very own optics, too!


The Makai head has been discontinued! As seen below at the far left, this was the biggest and throwiest head in the current McGizmo lineup.


Oveready has upgraded one of their parts to allow tailstanding and a better overall experience. This is available for the DPC Tailcap. The new part is seen below, at right.

Richard John Hipwell

You thought this was a microphone? Nope! Creator of interesting designs Richard Hipwell has installed a green emitter into this gold microphone – he made it all!

Sky Lumen

Vihn of Sky Lumen has released the Weltool M3vn, a long runtime Gooseneck Work Light. Vihn is offering quite a few emitter options for this versatile light!

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Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self-care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production Flashlight News


The X75 is Acebeam’s newest entry into the can light genre, offering a mind-boggling 80,000 lumens. Not just that, but the built-in charging supports PD input and output, for quick charging, and also charging your mobile devices! This one should be a beast!


The Brinyte T28 Artemis makes a great weapon mount thrower! ZeroAir reviewed the Brinyte T28 Artemis a little while ago, and it’s still a good offering by Brinyte.


Convoy has apparently seen the T4 become a very popular light. ZeroAir liked his orange Convoy T4. Now Simon from Convoy is offering a titanium alloy T4! Simon also says other of his lights will be offered in this material soon (Titanium S2+, we’re in!)

The Convoy S16 is now available with many emitter options. You can have your choice of great throw, great output, or wonderful tint and CRI with these versatile options!


The Fenix “Vehicle Emergency Flashlight” (actual product name) won a Red Dot award this year. It offers such car-escape features as a seatbelt cutter and window breaker.

Fenix updated the E18 – now the Fenix E18 V2.0 is available and offers USB-C charging. ZeroAir loved the original E18R, and this is likely a great update!


We don’t have too much info on this new light by FireFlyLite, but the teaser for the LEP02 ARROWS indicates it’ll run a single 21700 cell, be an LEP, have aux LEDs, and offer C to C charging. We’re interested!


HDS Systems is offering a limited number of Panda bodies as well as a rare stock of Nichia 219b options.

Lumens Factory

Lumens Factory has created a new head suitable for use on Laser Devices / Steiner bodies. This is big news for owners of those bodies because this can get your lights to a great current state!

Lumens Factory has also begun offering a quad D26 module. This module uses a standard quad optic and is thus also suitable for glow gaskets!

Among the other options new from Lumens Factory are these “8X” options in both single and quad format. If you know, you know!


The much anticipated Lumintop FW1AA is now available. It’s a single emitter, thrower version of the FWAA triple, popular because of the small size and 14500 use.

Also new from Lumintop is this EDC 2AA. Similar to the Tool AA, this one uses two AA cells in series!

Another AA-sized EDC flashlight by Lumintop, the EDC15 is a tiny twisty light! It uses a dimpled TIR, so will probably be great for keychain use.

The GT Nano by Lumintop will be available in colors!

Lumintop will offer an all-new headband for a new headlamp soon. No other details are available yet.

The Tiger, Lumintop’s newest mixed-emitter light, will offer multiple Cree XHP70.2 emitters for massive output, and one Cree XHP70.3 emitter for throw. It should be an interesting light!


Manker has released a new version of the Timeback. The Timback III is a gadgety, fidgety flashlight has an interesting design, and a bunch of parts!

The Striker by Manker is a tactical 18650 light that offers USB-C charging as well as great throw and a super aggressive bezel.


Mooch tested an Imren 21700 cell and describes it as a “good performer.”

Another cell test by Mooch is this Molicel P45B. Mooch describes it as “an extraordinary cell.”


Nicron has always had some interesting right-angle lights, and they’ve updated some of those offerings! Here are the B74T, B74C, B77C Pro, and B78T lights!


The HC68 is a new headlamp by Nitecore, offering dual white beams (one for throw and one for flood) as well as two red emitters. See what ZeroAir has to say about the Nitecore HC68, too!


Olight is seeking input for their Seeker series. These lights are apparently popular for in-car usage and Olight wants to capitalize on that, and give users more of what they want! Check it out on FaceBook.


Being offered by JLHawaii, this PALight has some great features like a titanium body with a copper heatsink area. It appears to offer micro-USB charging and an emitter from ages past, so it might make a neat host for upgrades!


While it’s unclear if this is a user creation, or a product ReyLight will make and sell, this titanium collar clip looks great on these ReyLight Pineapples!

The LanApple now exists! Starting in aluminum, but offering multiple anodized colors, the LanApple is a combo of the Lan and Pineapple. Rey had a Lan, he had a Pineapple flashlight! Uh! LanApple flashlight!


RovyVon has been working on their small lights lately, and the E8 is one of the results. This light has two e-switches, runs on a built-in LiPO or a single AAA cell or a 10440 cell, too! It’s very versatile. Check out all the emitter options.

Also in the “E” series, the E4 is a titanium version of these many-emitter keychain lights by RovyVon. This titanium should take quite a bit of abuse!

Another of the new RovyVons is this A7 Aurora, which adds a much-wanted feature of a magnetic tailcap! This adds a ton of versatility to the great little keychain flashlight.

Not just the magnetic tailcap, but the Aurora series (A4 seen here) also gets USB-C charging!

Another touch of magnetism seen on the Aurora light is on the pocket clip! This has been a popular mod, so it’s great to see an official product with this, too.


Skilhunt dropped some news on us recently, with four teases. The M400, EC300, EC500, and EK1 all look very interesting and knowing Skilhunt has good emitter choices, great quality, and reasonable prices.

One update we know specifically from Skilhunt is that the great M150 (reviewed by ZeroAir) will get the great new emitter – the Nichia 519a! It’s a great decision by Skilhunt.


A Pro version of the SC21 is now available! It offers USB-C charging, Andúril, and a Samsung LH351d emitter. It’s available in red, green, and black, too!


The Speras M4 is a tiny thrower of a flashlight, running a single 18350 cell. It offers 652m of throw as well as USB-C charging! If you recognize the design, it’s probably from the Thrunite Catapult Mini (more). The Speras M4 throws further!


The Tank007 UV01 is an AAA UV flashlight, great for keychain use!

Tank007 is making other lights, too! Here’s the KC11, a 6400-lumen flashlight using Luminus SST-40 emitters and three 18650 cells.

The KC16 is yet another light by Tank007. The KC16 offers USB-C charging and great throw in a tactical style light.


The T2 “Elegant Panther” is Weltool’s first light with “through-hole cooling” – very reminiscent of Oveready’s WASP! The T2 will offer great throw and also great output in a tube-style format.

The Weltool T14 is now available. It’s a mix of parts from Weltool, combining a tactical tailcap with a thrower head, and emitter options. It uses a single 18650 cell.


Wuben released the X-0 Knight on Kickstarter to great success! ZeroAir tested this little light and found the X-0 to be quite interesting and fun!

Wuben is hitting up Kickstarter again to release the X-1 Falcon. This light uses 2×21700 cells and offers three Cree XHP70.2 emitters. The built-in fan helps deal with the heat from this bright light!

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings:

  • We released our first non flashlight related patch, the Sharingan Dojutsu Ranger Eye set
  • PhotonPhreaks is working with LM Toolworks to help make their work more available to US collectors. The first two Adlao sold almost instantly, there is another one coming available very shortly, along with a couple of long awaited Grand Talas
  • Those from the HDSRB preorder who received one of the blem reflector housings, expect an email shortly regarding the replacement housing.
  • If you didn’t score an HDSRB and want one, there will be some completed ones available within the next few weeks
  • You may have noticed a lack of activity in the news side of PhotonPhreaks, we’re doing our best to rectify that! If you’re interesting in contributing please feel free to contact us

As always, 
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