Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 43

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest flashlight news and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight News

CWF Custom Flashlights

There’s a new TAD Gear collab available from CWF. This is a Micro Arcadian and features the TAD logo among other subtle improvements over previous Micro Arcadians.

Triple aught design TAD flashlight collab with CWF custom flashlights

In other Micro Arcadian news, here’s a mokume version, which features a Steel Flame pocket clip.

Mokume Arcadian custom flashlight

Focus Works EDC

Not only does Jordy have the fantastic Cylon 18650 flashlight, but the “Caprica” is also being teased now!

Focus Works EDC flashlights Cylon and Capricia

More great news out of Focus Works. There’s a new 14500 cell flashlight on the way! This one will be called the “F2.”

Focus Works F2 14500 AA sized edc flashlight

Hanko Machine Works

Check out the pattern on this new Trident by Hanko Machine Works. This appears to be a Chevron or Herringbone pattern, and availability seems limited (as of now!). Skulls not included.

Hanko Trident custom flashlight

There’s even more info from Hanko! A “Double Twist” pattern is now available on the Trident, too!

goodart Hanko Trident double twist

Laulima Metal Craft

Laulima had some Ions specially coated for USN by 4Bush Weapons Refinishing Systems. There are Armor Black, Coyote Tan, Sniper Grey, and Toxic Green. The finish looks incredible.

laulima Ion cerakoted custom flashlights

Lumens Factory

The SW01 “Baker’s Cap” tailcap have been released for Surefire e-series lights. These are available in black and natural HA3.

lumens factory surefire aftermarket flashlight parts e series

More tailcap news from Lumens Factory. The Z41 Tailcap boots are now available in Hard Press.

lumens factory surefire tail switch boot cover hard press


Serge at Lux-RC is designing a custom holster for the FL33 flashlight. The holster will be exceptional, as all of the Lux-RC products, all the way down to this custom button!

lux RC custom flashlight holster cordovan leather

Here’s a bit of detail on that holster!

fl-33 custom leather flashlight holster

User Tim Johnson throws the Lux-RC FX30 triple emitter (bicycle?) flashlight onto a cap! Tim also threw a battery pack on the back and is ready to go mobile. Is this the worlds brightest headlamp?

lux rc headlamp modification

Meton Boss

Meton Boss has ventured into flashlights, and here’s the design that has been teased for months, finally in physical form! Looks great, and has some fantastic clip work. Also available are clips, boots and rings in alternate metals like superconductor, dark-ti, and zirc

meton boss flashlight custom titanium with zirconium

Mirage Man

Famed candlepowerforum member Mirage Man has made a return to the lathe! This can be nothing but good news!

Mirage man returns to flashlights

Meanwhile, Mirage Man is already teasing Ti Damascus!

timascus flashlight

Mr Tube

Mr Tube continues to experiment. Here we see a very detailed 18350 flashlight featuring a custom clip, a custom gold-colored ring, and what looks to be a damascus body. Very fine work.

Mr Tube custom flashlight in damascus and brass

Mr Tube also looks to be playing around with some Niwalker bodies. This is a copper spiral body for the ET Mini head.

copper body, custom battery tube for niwalker by Mr Tube


Jeff Sapp has released some new stickers and magnets!

Okluma sticker designs


The newest “Insider” by Oveready is out, and does it drop some bombs! Most notable is this “MOFF” switch, described as a “speed switch.”

oveready MOFF switch

Also in the Insider is news of the Future BOSS! There’s a redesigned head!

Oveready futuristic head for boss flashlight


Master engraver Panja has released some plans for a titanium Hanko Machine Works Trident. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

Peng Wang

The only description Peng left for these four was “E1.5e.” All we know is that they’re gorgeous.


Vinh is making P60 lights again! This is run number 2 of this beefy flashlight.

skylumens p60 flashlight host

Few details are available now but the SLT (Sky Lumen Tactical) P60 flashlight is being developed too. Among other things, it’ll feature a lower cost due to production in China.

Tom Harlow

Flashlight modder Tom has created some triple emitter (3535) boards with an interesting setup.

Tom harlow triple mcpcb

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Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue to the production flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self-care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production Flashlight News


The Astrolux ST01 is a compact 21700 cell flashlight, with a couple of emitter options (SST40/XHP50.2). This light looks to be an economical way to get into these emitter options if you aren’t already!

Astrolux ST01 21700 flashlight budget affordable


A new twist-head headlamp is available! The Brinyte HL16 can be twisted from a right-angle style to a traditional flashlight style light. It runs on a single 16340 cell, which is included.

brinyte straight light angle light headlamp flashlight hybrid for keychains

Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive has released some “Indiana Moonshine Lights.” Apparently designed to be ugly, they’ were available in both Rein and Owl format at a discount. PhotonPhreaks Group members knew about this as it happened, go join!

cloud defensive weapon light

Cloud Defensive is also releasing two pistol lights. The EPL-C and EPL-D are still in the planning stages for now.

cloud defensive pistol light


The Convoy S2+ will soon have a driver specialized for an IR LED!

convoy s2+ IR

Convoy has also released a new T3, which is an AA/14500 flashlight, and available in multiple colors!

convoy T3 AA 14500 light


The Emisar D4S V2 is now available with tint ramping and “instant channel switching!”

Emisar D4s V2

The Noctigon K9.3 is available with the same tint ramping, too!

FireFlies Flashlight

There’s a new PL on the block – the PL47MU and PL47G2 enter the market. These are notable because they have an IPX8 rating, making them not just suitable for underwater use.

fireflies triple flashlight mulesPL47MU and PL47G2


Since we can never have too many small flashlights, Lumintop has released a triple (XP-G3) version of the GT Nano! Our Flood Rings will probably fit this, if you’re able to confirm let us know!

Lumintop GT Nano triple

More news from Lumintop – another twist on a popular flashlight. Here’s a single version of the FWAA! And it uses a reflector, too!

Lumintop FWAA in a reflector

The Thor 1 now has an extension tube, allowing the use of a single 18650.

Lumintop Thor I LEP with 18650 extension tube throwy flashlight

That extension tube is actually available for Thor 1 and Thor 2, too!

Thore LEP laser flashlights

There’s a yellow filter available for the Thor II now.

yellow or amber filter or color gel for LEP flashlight

This extension tube is available not just for the aluminum Thors (as seen above) but also for titanium. Notice that there’s a glow ring, too!

Titanium Thor LEP flashlight EDC

More Thor news. The Thor 1 now has a tactical ring suitable for not just the Thor 1, but also the FW3A, FW1A, and others!

tactical ring for the thor lep

More Thor news, this time in the form of a new LEP by Lumintop, the Thor 3!

Lumintop Thor 3  LEP

Thor 1 is now available in V2.0 format. It features a stonewashed finish on the titanium, as well as a much more detailed flair around the head.

Thire I V2 LEP v2

A quick hit of news from Lumintop. No more spare o-rings!

lumintop oring update

The Lumintop GT94X is a big beast of a flashlight. This is an updated GT94, and uses four SBT90.2 emitters, and four 21700 cells.

Lumintop GT94X


New to the market for Malkoff is a Holster for the Hound Dog!

Malkoff Holster


The U22 III is a Manker flashlight featuring the SBT90.2 emitter. It looks to feature some level of waterproofness!

U22 III  SBT 90.2 waterproof flashlight

Manker has also released the MK38, which has either 8*XHP70.2 or 8*SFT40. Looks like a great light; it does have a handle after all.

Manker MK38

One more tease from Manker, this time in the form of an unnamed zoom light model. It also has a twisty head!

Manker zoomie angle light


Modlite is considering accepting Crypto for payment. What do you think?

modlite accepting crypto

The HRF Concepts Dual RAMP by Modlite is now available! “The Dual RAMP provides an ergonomic improvement over two flat buttons. The opposing angles of the buttons and center gap allow users to non visually differentiate both buttons with ease. “

Modlite Dual Ramp button

One more bit of news from Modlite is the PL350. This is a combination of fitted Kydex holster for your pistol, which perfectly fits the Modlite PL350. A great combo!

Modlite PHLSTER P350


Olight has released the “Baton 3 Dragon Phoenix!” This highly figured Baton 3 even has a design on the pocket clip.

Olight Baton 3 Dragon limited edition

The Ostation Portable Power Station price has been dropped!

Olight Ostation

Here’s why! This Olight product can be found on Amazon by the original maker, at a much lower cost. There seem to be no internal changes.


Rey has been toying with special anodizing on his titanium lights, and here’s a fine example.

Reylight anodized titanium flashlight

There’s other Pineapple news, too! The Pineapple is now available in aluminum. And not just that, but also three colors! $29 and with Nichia 219b (sw45k) seems like a bargain.

Reylight pineapple aluminum


The Skilhunt H300 is a new headlamp featuring TIR optic or a reflector. These have features seen in other Skilhunt headlamps, like magnetic charging. These both use the Cree XH50.2 emitter.

Skilhunt H300 headlamp


Surefire has released an AAA “micro-sized” flashlight which has the Scout mounting style body.

Surefire AAA Microscout weapon mounted light


The Vapcell T42 is a high discharge 21700 cell pushing 35A. Seems to be a very capable cell!

Vapcell T42 21700 battery


The Wurkkos TS32 is a concept design with multiple SST20 emitters and a single SFT40 for throw. It will run on three 21700 cells.

Wurkkos TS32 21700 flashlight soda can

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings:

  • Our Lumens and Liberty is moving quick! Get yours now before they’re all gone.
  • Oversize Desk Mats and Work Mats are in stock and extremely popular. Why wouldn’t they be? Everyone needs a work mat and everyone needs a relevant backdrop for clout chasing on reddit or instagram.
  • There are only a few sPHinx patches left.
  • Flood Ring / triple mule conversions remain very popular,
  • HDSRB Update!! For those of you on the forums and facebook groups you’re probably already aware, but if you aren’t, we did experience a slight set back. Unfortunately when doing the final fit test post-anodizing it was discovered the threading is out of spec, likely due to the thickness of the anodizing. The issue has already been corrected and the machinist expects to have all the new reflector housings machined this week to be taken in for anodizing. It’s an unfortunate incident, however, we have taken measures to prevent it from occurring again. Other than that, all of the components are complete, I don’t expect this to be an extended delay . ZeroAir did an awesome writeup on the HDSRB and how it improves the stock light.
  • Christmas and Hanukkah themed sweatshirts are in the works! Keep an eye on your emails or the FB group for the details

As always, 
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