Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 41

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest flashlight news and information in this briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the flashlight news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight News

Corey Cooper

Corey Cooper is offering custom laser engraving on any light! Here a topo pattern is shown on an Olight Baton 3. Facebook link.

Olight S1R Baton 3 Premium with wireless charging case and laser engraved Topo pattern

Custom Flashlight

The maker known simply as “Custom Flashlight” on instagram looks to be near moving product! This double triple with an interesting user interface should be open for preorder as soon as controllers are available again.

magnetic slider switch triple flashlight

CWF Custom Flashlights

Charles is moving shop! The new bigger shop should see a more streamlined process for making CWF flashlights! Charles also had some fun at Blade recently. Here’s a CWF light with the mini brass flashlight by Gyorgy Kemenes.

charles wiggins custom flashlight micro arcadian cwf customs

Denki Man

We don’t post everything denkiman builds because he’s a prolific magician with lights. But here’s something that seems to us to be something a little special. It’s a “Tri-Clops” Hanko engine (in a Hanko Trident Total Tesseract), with red, green, blue, and amber!! Very incredible.

Hanko custom trident with modified light engine

Gennady Larin

Yet another incredible silver pocket clip by Gennady! While this one isn’t for sale (ie, it was made for someone), Gennady does seem interested in taking custom orders.

Custome decorative silver flashlight lip with ram or baphomet on a scaled background

And there’s another one! This is “The Viking” and again, is silver. Unlike some of the others, there’s a design on the reverse. Also, this is an over-under clip, displaying that Gennady can make clips which would fit lights like the Mini Arcadian by CWF.

custom flashlight clip in silver also compatible with fellhoelter and hinderer

Fraz Labs

Maker of the “Tiny Nugget,” Fraz Labs has sized down the nugget and now we have the “Gold Nugget!” This little guy is smaller by a large margin, but being brass will likely still fill your pockets! This variation maintains the nice features of the Nugget line.

brass fraz lab tiny nugget indestructible flashlight

Gift Glow EDC

Despite these lights “not being for sale” and being made just because the maker is an extreme enthusiast, these acrylic lights are worth showing. Again, these aren’t available for sale.

Hanko Machine Works

While these Hanko Tridents look the same on the outside, on the inside they have some interesting updates! Jeff is trying (again) the “TriStar” threads. This is likely a “multi-start” thread, which quickens donning and doffing the head of your Trident. It’s a neat option.

hanko custom flashlight trident in bronze with multi start threads

A quick bite of other Hanko news – the Prism Ti material that was used for popular multi-color finishes lately, is now out of stock! Good luck finding one of these!

JC Customs Flashlights

JC has released a new model! This comes hot on the heels of JC releasing his first ever original design, too! This is a 14500 clicky flashlight, seen here in aluminum.

Kuo-kuang Chang

We don’t have any details other than this photo, but have a look at this very special custom titanium piece by Kuo-kuang!

Custom titanium flashlight

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Laulima Metal Craft

Laulima released for pre-order a version of the twisty Hoku (a 10440 flashlight) that has fifteen tritium slots! Talk about “trit ready!”

laulima custom flashlight AAA 10440 with tritium slots

Even bigger news out of Laulima – the release of a new model! This model is called the Ion, and runs on a single 18350 cell. Various finishes will be available.

Laulima custom flashlight Ion titanium with anodizing

Don’t sleep on the fact that there are many versions of the Ion available!!

laulima custom flashlight ion in copper, brass, titanium, stonewash and mokume with american flag flashlight clip

Laulima recently did a collaboration with Starlingear. The results on this custom Hoku are spectacular!

starlingear laulima custom flashlight collab


Very few details are available at the moment, but Serge of Lux-RC has teased a “more focused triple.” We don’t know any more, but Serge has a few available now.

Lux-RC artifact and minion


An update “hot off the CNC” is this Rev3 Front Pocket flashlight. Looking good!

mcwhinney custom flashlight

Menton Boss

There’s been a triple in the works by Menton Boss for a little while, and now we have the first prototype!

menton boss custom18350  flashlight prototype

Pat Sunderman

The ubiquitous Lumintop FW3A light now has a 3d printed magnetic mount, thanks to Pat! The file is available on Thingiverse.

3d printed magnetic fw3a mount


Occasionally a one-off by SkyLumen will pique our interest enough to cause mention here in the briefing. The One-off JETBeam E1vn Flooder and RGB is one such light! Titanium, tons of tritium slots, just a lot to like here.

Skylumen jetbeam e1vn with anodization

The Slows Co

New by @theslowsco is a VAMP (Versatile Attaching Modular Pouch), made for lights to be attached to things. Namely, it’s a velcro backed pouch!

The Slows Co VAMP flashlight attachment mount with a modlite


The TorchLAB boss “new version” (the “Forward Taper” or FT) has been available for a while. Now brass and copper are available in a “vintage” finish. These even ship in special edition packaging!

Oveready Boss Torchlab Boss FT in brass and copper with a vintage finish custom torch

Yellowday Energy

Kris over at Yellowday Energy has teased a full tungsten Wreck-IT flashlight. This beast weighs in at over a pound!

Yellowday Energy wreck-it machined by Focusworks Tungsten custom flashlight

Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self-care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production Flashlight News


The Armytek Elf C2 now has enhanced electronics, which allow better runtimes!

Armytek Elf C2 upgrade


Recently announced by Brinyte is the Brinyte SR8 Rescue Angel. This light claims an impressive 2100 lumens and 1050 meters of throw!

Brinyte SR8 Rescue Angel searchlight
Brinyte SR8 Rescue Angel searchlight

We celebrate with Brinyte on their 12th anniversary!

Brinyte  12th anniversary
Brinyte Flashlights 12th anniversary


An update to the Convoy 4X18A is now available. It’s the 4X18A with an SBT90.2 emitter. ZeroAir has reviewed the original 4X18A and it was quite a light. The upgraded emitter should make this one a stunner.

Convoy 4X18A Flashlight thrower searchlight
Convoy 4X18A Flashlight

Maybe a “little brother” to the 4X18A is the new 3X21A. This light features three 21700 cell support, and a couple of emitter options. Might be more manageable in hand than the bigger 4X18A.

Convoy 3X21A 3 x 21700 flashlight
Convoy 3X21A


The Cyansky K3 is a high output tactical flashlight, using the new Luminus SFT-40-W emitter. The K3 runs on (and includes) a 21700 cell, which also has USB-C charging built in!

Cyansky K3 SFT 40 W tactical flashlight
Cyansky K3

Dave’s Tech Reviews

Dave produced a naming guide for the Convoy brand.

Convoy flashlight naming guide


Fenix has announced the TK11 TAC, another in the line of tactical flashlights. Details are a little sparse right now, but it looks nice!

Fenix TK11 tactical flashlight
Fenix TK11

Fenix has also (quietly?) released the LR80R, which has a tripod mount handle! Aside from any other awesome features about this light, we here at PhotonPhreaks love lights with handles! The other LR series lights by Fenix have been very popular, including the LR40R reviewed by ZeroAir.

Fenix usually kills it with the custom cerakote – the “Elite Series.” And now the PD40R V2.0 enters that series!

Fenix Elite PD40R v2.0 cerakote
Fenix Elite PD40R v2.0

GBK Industries

There’s a new weatherproof CR123 battery storage container! This one by GBK Industries is weatherproof, can mount on a picatinny rail, and has a screw down cap.

pic rail mounted gbk industries cr123 waterproof container

HDS Systems

The website might look like these items have been around since 1990, but these products have just hit the market! These leather holsters with HDS branding are suitable for many of the popular HDS flashlights. Made by Thor’s Hammer Custom Leather. There are two new holster designs, an inside the pocket, bezel down, holster ideal for the rotary, as well as a rotating holster that allows you to point the light at your subject and operate it handsfree. Available on the HDS website, and as customized orders direct from Thor’s Hammer Custom leather

Custom leather holsters by Thors hammer for the HDS Systems flashlights


The Fingera i2 AAA twisty light by Jaxman is now available on aliexpress. This is probably the smallest AAA light available, competing with those tiny Olights, but offering kelvin options (4000K!) and AAA/10440 support!

Jaxman Fingera i2 AAA twisty
Jaxman Fingera i2

Jaxman has also released the E21, a 21700 cell light. This light is available now, and features quite a few emitter options!

Jaxman E21 21700 tactical light


A new light out by JETBeam is the JET-1M, which we’ve talked about a little before. It’ll be interesting to see how the 18500 cell used here fits into the market at large!

Jetbeam Jet 1M 18500 tactical flashlight
Jetbeam Jet -1M

The JETBeam EC26 is now available. This light is a quad emitter, side e-switch light. Based on the photos, it looks like a warm Cree XP-L HI version will be available!

Jetbeam EC26 side switch light
Jetbeam EC26


The Klarus 360X3 is a tactical flashlight with a new take on the tactical paddle switch. This paddle switch is “omni-directional” (“360”) and accessible from all sides! Looks pretty clever.

Klarus 360X3 tactical Flashlight
Klarus 360X3

The RS80GT is an updated version of the popular (at least in movies!) flashlight by Klarus. This version has three Cree XHP70.2 emitters, and a handle! This light runs on three 18650 cells and was featured in various movies and TV shows, including Westworld

Klarus RS80GT  futuristic  flashlight
Klarus RS80GT

Another nice new little item from Klarus is the WL1, an adjustable arm COB-style handheld flashlight.

Klarus WL1 worklight task light
Klarus WL1 Worklight

Lumens Factory

A shipping overhaul will allow Lumens Factory to have a better purchasing experience. No longer will a refund be required for combined shipping purchases. Thanks Lumens Factory!

Lumens Factory shipping update

In other news from Lumens Factory, a Z14/31 tailcap is now available that has tritium slots! Not only do these look great, the performance is improved as well.

Lumens Factory Z14/31 tailcap
Lumens Factory Z14/31 tailcap


After some user questions, Lumintop titanium, copper, and brass variants of the FWAA are avilable for purchase! It’s been aluminum only thus far, and that light has proven popular. (Or, at least zeroair liked it! Twice!)

As usual, you should expect multiple news pieces from Lumintop! This time it’s the Thor three-mode LEP! Seen here in titanium, but other versions are available. Default support for 18350 and 18650 is nice!

Lumintop Thor II LEP
Lumintop Thor II LEP

Above is the THOR II, but Lumintop also has a (smaller?) THOR I available. Mostly similar specifications, but with a different level of bling. Throw is probably a bit less too, because of the smaller head.

Lumintop Thor I LEP
Lumintop Thor I LEP

It seems that Lumintop will offer a rubber switch cover for the popular FW series of lights! For some this will be a great advancement. We have a feeling that it’ll be a bit more reliable, too.

Lumintop FW3A rubber tail switch

There’s been a restock of FW3A in purple and raw aluminum. These sure look great! Matching 18350 tubes are available.

Even more purple from Lumintop, this time in the form of the GT3. Not just purple though; sand is also available. ZeroAir has tested the black version – performance should be the same.

Lumintop GT3
Lumintop GT3


The Manker MK34 is now available as a version 2. The Manker MK34 II is a triple quad e-switch Cree XHP50 emitter flashlight in the “can style” and if Manker’s history tells us anything, is a beast!

Manker MK34 soda can style light
Manker MK34


In more cell testing, Mooch has found the Efest 30EF to not be a suitable replacement for the Samsung 30Q it’s likely intended to supplant.

Mooch testing Efest 30EF 18650 battery


Recently dropped by Nicron is the B75, a flashlight with an interesting twist-to-right-angle head. It’s a white emitting light, but includes UV!

Nicro B75 right angle flashlight headlamp
Nicron B75

Nicron has also released the N6, a feature packet flashlight with a set of side emitters (5) that mimic a COB. This will provide great flood. The light includes a USB-C rechargeable cell.

Nicron N6 torch
Nicron N6


The Olight Lantern caught some flak for what it was (we thought it was cool). But now we have an Olantern Mini, which takes all the things that were good about the Olantern, and miniaturizes them!

Olight Olantern Mini camping lantern
Olight Olantern Mini

Available with purchase of an Olight Odin is this “Finger Grip Ring” (FGR). Looks great for tactical use, but it’s not available for purchase separately!

Olight’s giving you the chance to have input on what light will be available for the 5th anniversary of their Facebook group. Looks like some nice green and blue options, along with a clear finish? Worth checking out!

Olight has made a slight change to their Membership Perks. Now members at and above Yellow Diamond can share early access!


At long last, flashlight search database parametrek.com has added the Convoy brand of flashlights!


Rey has stated that there will be an aluminum Pineapple Mini available! (for about $29) These were “special metal only” for a long while.


The RovyVon penlight series continues – the H3 PRO and H3 are available now. The H3 runs on AAA cells, and the H3 PRO uses AA. Nice for interchangeability! These also have built-in lithium-ion cells, which are charged by USB-C!

Rovyvon H3 and H3 Pro AAA penlight
Rovyvon H# and H3 Pro


Thrunite has teamed up with Black Scout Survival again. This time it’s for a custom version of the TW10 weapon flashlight. Aside from the collaboration, the TW10 is also a new light and is currently on sale at 30% off!

Thrunite Black Scout Survival TW10
Thrunite TW10

A user on Facebook reports a problem with the Thrunite T1. The user says “It seems that the heat cycling of the light causes the lens to become brittle and shatter. I’ve experienced this on 3 separate T1.” The problem looks quite dramatic, with a broken lens being the result! We don’t know if this is a widespread problem.

Thrunite T1 failure


Maker of great cells, Vapcell has added a new feature to a their 21700 battery named the “P2150A.” This cell has a charge port in the head, and this charge port is two-way! This cell (the cell itself) may be used as a powerbank!

Vapcell P2150A 21700 battery

There’s also a new charger available from Vapcell. The Q2S is a 2-bay charger which can charge 21700 cells

Vapcell Q2S 21700 charger
Vapcell Q2S


New things on the horizon for Weltool! Danny teased these four items recently. Weapon lights and pen lights!

Weltool new products

The Weltool TC59 tailcap is a product intended for Surefire lights (and of course, Weltool lights). A great clicky option.

Weltool TC59 tailcap for surefire lights
Weltool TC59


What seems like a “little known brand” is quietly killing it with releases. The TS30S is an SBT90.2 emitter light, which also boasts USB-C charging! ZeroAir has one, and was impressed.

Wurkkos  TS30S USB charged flashlight
Wurkkos TS30S


The T2 pocket flashlight is now available from XTAR. This light has an e-switch, a magnet tailcap, and USB-C charging. Quite a feature rich package!

Xtar T2 edc flashlight
Xtar T2

More news out of XTAR – the D28 3600 diving flashlight is now available. This package includes a charger, and has a single emitter.

Xtar D28 dive light
Xtar D28 Dive Light

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

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