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Phreaky Briefing; Flashlight News by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable flashlight news and information.  We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom News

Production News

CWF Custom Flashlights and EDC Viking Custom Metalworks have had a collaboration! The two lights have some nice, unique finishes.

CWF Custom Flashlights and CopperShed Knifeworks saw enough interest first four of these custom engraved copper and brass torches that they’ve opened the books for preorders!

CWF Custom Flashlights x CopperShed Knifeworkd engraved copper and brass custom flashlights with scrollwork and skulls

This Arcadians in brass or copper are $750 each and the preorder is ongoing here. (must be a group member to view)

More CWF news – being promo’d as “Little Brother” we see the Arcadian here with the Mini Arcadian. The update seen here is the clip. The over/under screws are in fact Hinderer pattern and aftermarket clips like SteelFlame are compatible!

CWF Custom Flashlights Arcadian and Mini Arcadian flashlights in titanium, featuring a Hinderer style clip on the mini

Rumors around the Cool Fall Tri-V. The Tri-V has always been special, and also somewhat limited, but was available. Then for a while there was a limited edition, and now the page has been updated to indicate this might be the Final Edition. The price comes in at a cool $8k.

CoolFall Spy Tri-V Custom Titanium FLashlight

Frelux continues development on the electronics for the Synergy1v2 Flashlight. The S1v2 will be similar to the S2, just “shrunk down.” Nowhere is that more evident than in these two electronic boards below.

Frelux Synergy1v2 and Synergy2 flashlight driver circuit boards

Lumens Factory releases a Stainless Steel Bezel Ring and Lens Kit for Surefire 6PX, G2X, G2ZX.

Lumens Factory Aftermarket Surefire parts, stainless steel bezel and lens for 6PX, G2X, G2ZX

Okluma Custom Flashlights will have a DC0 drop Friday November 13th. This will be aluminum and copper! And updated from the original batch.

Okluma DC0 Custom 14500 flashlights in aluminum and copper.

Not only will this drop happen this week, but it’ll likely be the last batch of lights actually coming out of Oklahoma from Okluma. After this batch, Okluma will transition to their new shop in Colorado!

We’ve been assured that the name will stay Okluma, and not be change to Columa.

Photo credit to Andy Zhu

Yellow Day Energy made a limited run of their Wreck-it! custom flashlights with a Deadpool theme

Christian Reed designed and sold the Citadel Lantern, a 3D printed accessory for Olight Flashlights. The Cotadel functions as a charging base and flashlight difuser and is compatible with Baton, Perun, Nova, M2R, Seeker 2 and Warrior series

Astrolux FT03 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Flashlight is available in brass and copper.

Astrolux FT03 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Flashlight  in brass and copper.

Brinyte released the SR8 Rescue Angel, a searchlight designed for Search and Rescue (SAR) purposes. This light features a CREE XHP -35HI powered by 18650×4, and boasts 2100 lumens and 1050 meters of throw.

Brinyte SR8 Rescue Angel Searchlight

Fireflylite NOV-MU Mini Nichia E21A flashlight prototype has been making appearances. This is a mule type light, and will have USB-C charging.

Fireflylite NOV-MU Mini Nichia E21 flashlight prototype

FourSevens Upcoming Maelstrom MXS flashlights will have a USB-C inductive charge bases for wireless charging. One of the first flashlights with this feature and will make it a great flashlight for power outages!!

FourSevens Maelstrom MXS USC Wireless charging flashlight

JETBeam has announced a rare large titanium flashlight with pineapple milling and large tritium grooves. This one will put out 1200 lumen, and looks quite interesting.

jetbeam titanium 18650 flashlight

JETBeam M2 Raptor is coming soon!

Jetbeam M2 Raptor Flashlight

Lumintop Flashlights has had an unplanned logo change. We’ll lose the long-loved bunny, and just have the word logo seen at left.

Lumintop logos, the old version with the bunny and the new one that is simply "lumintop"

Lumintop is teasing a Tool AA UV flashlight. Looks like a good option, and should have the UV filter lens as default!

Lumintop Tool AA UV with UV filter

MecArmy does more than just lights! Here’s their new keyring Bolt Action Pen in brass and titanium.

Carbon fiber pocket knife, Mecarmy bolt action pen in brass and titanium, Mecarmy flashlight, and a titanium multitool carabiner

Nebo announced the Armor 3, their take on an indestructible flashlight. It is an inexpensive work light with a pivoting magnetic base and a pocket clip.

Nebo Armor 3

Olight Flashlights, no stranger to special editions, has teased a Seeker 2 Pro titanium! We aren’t sure yet on pricing or a timeline.

Olight Flashlights Titanium Seeker 2 Pro

Prometheus Beta magnetic preorder is still going. The pre-order price is discounted from the regular price, too!

Prometheus Flashlights Beta keychain flashlight with magnetic tail

Reylight has branched the Pineapple AA Flashlight line, and will soon offer a Titanium Pineapple. The Pineapple is a massively popular line, and a titanium version will be spectacular. Members of our Facebook Group knew about this two weeks ago, join us for the early scoops!

Reylight Pineapple AA Flashlight in Titanium

Sofirn reuses an old product name, and introduces the SP35. It’ll be a 21700 flashlight, with a Luminus SST-40 emitter, among other features

Sofirn SP35 21700 Luminus SST-40 Flashlight

Skilhunt is introducing a Mini H04 right angle headlamp!! This will be 18350 powered, and have a Samsung LH351d emitter. Looks fantastic.

Skilhunt flashlights: E3A keychain light, mini H04 angle light and H03 headlamp

Thrunite T2 Blue edition coming soon. The T2 was a popular 21700 light with a ramping UI.

Thrunite T2 limited edition blue

Thrunite Catapult V6 Compact Searchlight is getting a refresh! They’re seeking input to pick between the choices seen below.

Two different specs for the new Thrrunite Catapult V6 compact search light, based on LED choice

Wuben H8 Searchlight has been announced. It’s an 1800 lumen, 1000 meter light – great for hunting Search and Rescue or Tactical applications. The Wuben H8 runs on 18650×2.

Wuben H8 2 x 18650 searchlight

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Here’s a quick rundown of PhotonPhreaks Specific updates

  • The HDSRB Head is nearing completion, with almost all of the lenses ready and only the bezels left to fabricate.
  • The PhotonPhreaks Dracula patch was released, many were pleased to learn the flashlights can protect you from vampires.
  • The PhotonPhreaks Flood Ring Mule adapter for triple flashlights have been selling well. There’s only a couple left of the invisible aqua in stock.
  • We’ve been considering a limited edition sweatshirt for the holiday season. Nothing is set in stone yet but it’s a possibility. Join the facebook group to weigh in.

As always, 
Spread the Light!

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