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Phreaky Briefing by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Flashlight Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable flashlight news and information.  We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom Flashlight News

Production Flashlight News

BLF UC4 charger has been put on hold. This has been a long running project, and we’re excited for the development.

That said, we know times being what they are can be stressful, and we wish all the developers the best!

blf charger

CWF Arcadians have been treated by Copper Shed again! Available at Christmas (and gone already!)

Copper Shed has been doing a fantastic job treating these Arcadians. These copper and brass versions have a star pattern etched.

CWF Custom Flashlights Engraved by Copper Shed in Brass and Metal with titanium clips

In other CWF news, the Arcadian Micro has been made in Mokume gane!

CWF Custom AAA / 10440 Micro Arcadian Flashlight in Mokume Gane

Deadwood Custom Works has been dabbling in wooden sleeves for the Tombstone. The first was the Ironwood Tombstone 3.0, and was sold via auction.

Deadwood Custom Works flashlight with ironwood sleeves

The Frelux S3 will have all the capabilities of the S2 e.g. multi-voltage capable + e-switch but will use AAA or 10440 cells. It’s an all new board again, but there’s already a working example that will undergo testing. Notice how cells are swapped on the S3 – one huge development of the Synergy series is a hinged head!

frelux synergy 3 AAA 104440 pocket flashlight

Hanko Machine Works (and Billy Dawson) produced a 2021 , and it looks to be still available now on Shutterfly. This is a 12 month calendar with a different HMW flashlight related photo for every month. Show your Hanko spirit!

Hanko Machine Works custom flashlights annual  Shutterfly calendar

Hanko Machine Works has been introducing some very nice new work lately. It seems there’s a new switch retaining piece, too. This new piece is a metal retaining ring around the button. Previously the retaining ring was delrin, and metal retaining rings were only available from secondary makers. It’s unclear (and unstated) if these will be available as a separate upgrade.

Hanko Machine Works Custom flashlight metal mcclickey switch retaining ring

The Lume1 driver has gone to revision 2. While it’s unclear exactly what all the advancements are, but it does appear soldering those very tiny resistors for the auxiliary lights will be easier now. This is the best way to get auxiliary emitters on your Lumintop FW3 series lights!

Lume1 driver for the Lumintop FW3A flashlight

Phongtep Supajinda has teased a bunch of new completely custom hosts. In the past these have been twisty bodies with Convoy drivers, and there’s no reason to think these are any different.

Custom twisty flashlights in copper, brass and stainless steel

Reylight Pineapple Titanium is available on Amazon and Reylight’s site. The Pineapple is historically a brass light, then became available in copper, and finally we’re seeing these Titanium. Not only are these great AA/14500 options, but the emitters used by Rey are usually fantastic choices!

reylight pineapple AA / 14500 flashlight in titanium

Texas Lumens has been sold! We don’t have any details at the moment, but look forward to knowing more.

Texas Lumens flashlights website screenshot saying the company has been sold

Virence is becoming ERKX – Eurekatronix! Stay tuned here for news. This is another change that we have limited details on. Virence is purveyor of very specialty lights (occasionally) and most often high CRI emitters of unusual variety.

Virence LED changing name to Eurekatronix

Acebeam announced the G10, billed as the “longest beam distance” handgun light. It’s not stated, but this is likely a LEP, based on the “white laser” terminology.

acebeam g10 laser LED weapon mounted light

Acebeam has shown a new Camo finish on a few of their flashlights.

acebeam flashlights with camouflaged camo anodizing

Picture Credit: Garreth Hoover

Astrolux WP1 is a LEP with a rotary switch! With 1km of throw and 480 lumens, this LEP uses a 21700 battery.

astrolux wp1 laser LED flashlight with rotary switch

Another LEP by Astrolux is the WP2. Very similar to the WP1, but with more throw!

astrolux wp2 laser LED flashlight with rotary switch

The Brinyte HL12 has a unique configuration with a removable head that can be attached as a “regular” flashlight setup, or attached on the side for a right angle setup.

brinyte hl12 headlamp straight and right angle hybrid flashlight

Convoy may be produing an AAA flashlight with E21A 2000K!

Convoy L6 with GT 12V 4A 90 CRI LED. This LED was tested recently by an enthusiast and found to be a fantastic choice. The L6 is already a nice light, and a high CRI emitter will be great too! While not available yet on Amazon, other LED options are

convoy L6 flashlight with GT 12 volt LED High CRI

Amphibious Arms has done some custom cerakote on the Fenix PD35 v2.0. Below is but one example of many.

fenix pd35 tactical flashlight with custom cerakote by amphibious arms

Fireflies T1R is a pocket thrower with RGB Aux. Powered by an 1800mAh 22430 high power battery.

Fireflies T1R Flashlight with RGB lights

Firefies pogo programmer key will be available soon. This pogo key is compatible with USBASP, and only supports to reflash drivers on new Fireflies flashlights. It supports common USBASP and 10-Pin cable.

fireflies flashlight  pogo programmer for reflashling flashlight driver firmware

JETBeam has a couple of new LEP lights. First is the RRT-M2S LEP.

jetbeam RRT-M2S LEP laser thrower flashlight

Next is the new JETBeam RRT-M1X.

JETBeam RRT-M1X LEP laser thrower tactical flashlight

Lumintop is releasing the EDC AAA, a three mode twisty 110 lumen flashlight with a Cree XP-G3 LED and a deep carry clip.

lumintop edc aaa twisty flashlight with pocket clip

Lumintop has announced a raw aluminum EDC18. The black anodized EDC18 is a side e-switch triple that has been a popular addition to the 18650 lineup.

lumintop edc18 raw aluminum e switch triple flashlight

Lumintop looks to be making a prototype 14500 FW3A!

lumintop 14500 fw series protoype

Manker MC01 will be a most affordable flashlight, possibly $20 with a built in 2600mah 18650 battery.

manker mc01 budget pocket flashlight

Manker MC13, originally shipping with a Flat White emitter, has been made with a Luminus SBT90.2!

manker mc13  thrower flashlight with sbt90.2

Manker U22III will be a nice thrower, and have PM1 version and SBT90.2 version.

manker u22III thwoer tactical flashlight

The Nitecore T4K is a keychain quad emitter light claiming 4000 lumens, and sporting an OLED display. Available direct or on amazon

nitecore t4k keychain

Noctigon has already started shipping the K9.3. This dual channel light claims 7400 lumens and runs on a single 21700 cell.

noctigon k9.3

Keith Amsden made a prototype hammock hanger for the Olight Obulb!

Obulb hammock hanger

Some users have experienced issues regarding the Olight Warrior Mini accidental activation. Olight has responded, and will offer a solution! In essence, they will either accept a return for a full refund, or provide owners a silicone diffuser that also protects the tail switch, AND a free Obulb, for those that decide to keep it. The voluntary recall begins this week. The Warrior Mini has been discontinued and there are rumors of a Warrior Mini 2

The RovyVon A11 is a titanium flashlight with a highly finished anodizing. The three options are named Dawn in the Dark, Rainbow after the rain, and Blue Sky.

The specs are almost the same as the more affordable plain titanium  Aurora A4x – CREE XP-G3 or Nichia LED for option, and 260mAh rechargeable battery, max output of 650 lumens or at least 90+ CRI with Nichia LED.

Another new RovyVon, the Rovyvon S2, is also now available! This is a spectacular set of options for a single light (with multiple emitters), and there are two versions.

rovyvon s2 multi emitter multi function searchlight

Skilhunt released the E2A, an AA/14500 flashlight with a few emitter temperature options: Luminus SST20 (Cool White 6000K, Neutral White 5000K, High CRI 4000K 95CRI).

skilhunt e2a AA / 14500 powered flashlight in black and grey

Thrunite has announced the Thrunite BSS W1, an inexpensive 16340 in an interesting green body!

thrunite bss w1

 Thyrm has introduced a 2 x 18650 holder. The CellVault XL Battery Storage is available now. This MOLLE compatible cell holder can hold a variety of cells.

thyrm 18650 holder

XTAR shared a fun story about dive light longevity!

xtar dive light

PhotonPhreaks recommends Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that we’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.


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