Flashlight maker Astrolux branches into pens!

Astrolux, maker of some very popular flashlights (FT03, BLF A6), and a company not afraid to test the waters has branched into making pens!

The pen is named the TP01, and while it’s called a tactical pen, we here at PhotonPhreaks think it’s much more enjoyable as a fancy desk pen.  That’s primarily due to the nice finishes available:

There are many – not even all the colors are pictured above!  Here’s a list:

– Titanium Alloy Primary ( Ti-Primary )
– Titanium Alloy Lightning ( Ti-Lightning )
– Titanium Alloy Wave ( Ti-Wave )
– Stainless Steel Color ( SS-Color )
– Stainless Steel Primary ( SS-Primary )
– Aluminum Alloy Gold ( AA-Gold )
– Aluminum Alloy Blue ( AA-Blue )
– Aluminum Alloy Red ( AA-Red )

Not only are finishes available, but as you can see, multiple body metals are options, too.

The titanium set (including one raw):

The stainless steel set:

And the aluminum set – all anodized:

The pens operate by a sort of bolt action, a pen feature that’s been very popular lately.

The list of makers making bolt action pens is huge:

Boker makes the Plus Rocket.
Tactile Turn makes the Slider and Glider.
Karas Pen Co makes the Bolt.
CRKT makes the Ruger Bolt Action.
Machine Era makes the Field Pen.
Fellhoelter makes the TiBolt, and the TiNyBolt.

There are of course many others.

The Astrolux TP01 is set apart especially in the titanium category, with some detailed finish work.

The Astrolux TP01 is a nice entry into the pen world from flashlight maker Astrolux.  It is available for purchase at banggood (the official store of Astrolux), in prices ranging from around $25 (aluminum) to around $72 (titanium).  View the TP01 on BangGood!


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