Fenix introduces a new AA light, the LD42-AA.

Fenix has released a new AA light, with a claimed 1000 lumens and 350m of throw.

That light is the LD42-AAm and is available now for $64.95.

This is a side-by-side AA light, that uses four AA cells.

The full package includes a set of alkalines.

This side-by-side design gives the light one very thin side.


Not much thicker than a single AA cell.  Also on the light is a pocket clip (or likely, a “belt clip”), which allows for nice deep carry.

The LD42-AA has a rotary switch UI, which is something we love.

This has been popular in some other lights like the Jetbeam RRT01, and other higher cost lights, too.

The UI should be very intuitive.  We’ll have to wait on revies to see if Turbo and low have a special detent on the dial (as they should).

Here are more specs.

Unfortunately, but commonly, for Fenix, the website doesn’t say what emitter is in the LD42-AA.  Other sources indicate it’s a Cree XP-L HI V3.

The Fenix LD42-AA is available for purchase now.

All photos are thanks to fenixlighting.com.

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