RovyVon Aurora A8 - 350 Lumens USB Rechargable Keychain Light with High CRI and secondary Colored or UV LED

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The Rovyvon A8 was designed with flashlight enthusiasts in mind. It is made of a lightweight and durable transparent polycarbonate and features a new user interface inspired by enthusiast feedback.


Main LED is HIGH CRI Nichia 219C putting out 350 lumens and the secondary LEDs are available in two configurations:

A8Y Secondaries: Red, Blue, Amber

A8U Secondaries: Red, White, UV



  • Transparent body
  • Nichia 219C LED (R9050), max output 350 lumens 
  • 4500K, 90+ CRI (color rendering index)
  • Sidelight: Neutral white, UV, Red (A8U); Amber, Red, Blue(A8Y)
  • Built-in Micro USB charging port
  • 130mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charging indicator & quick charged in 45 minutes
  • Side switch prevents accidental activation
  • Ergonomic design, one-hand operation
  • Tail paracord hole
  • A lanyard and two-way clip included 
  • IP65 water resistance

User interface:

Front light:

  • Press and hold for momentary ON
  • Double click goes to Moonlight mode (0.5lumens)
  • Click to cycle through Low-Med-High (Moonlight is not in the cycle)
  • Long press (0.3s) to turn off or working at the mode for 3 minutes then click to turn off



  • Triple-click - Red/Blue flash
  • Click to cycle through Red/blue flash - Red flash
  • Four clicks - Amber light ON constantly
  • Click to cycle through Amber  - Amber beacon 


  • Triple-click - UV 
  • Click to cycle through UV - Red -Red flash
  • Four clicks - White reading light (click to turn off)