BLF Specialized Charger In the Works

A user over at has in the works an idea for the perfect charger, targeted at flashlight users.

There are no photos yet, and the design is just in the “taking ideas, working out the kinks” stage right now.

Here’s the pertinent thread:

The first post there is continually updated with all the goals, and targets; a wishlist of sorts.

Here’s that list:

It would be the best charger on the market, with amazing features such as these:

1. Adjustable charging current (0,05-0,10A-…-3,0A) in 0,1A steps.
2. Support for multiple chemistries (NiMH, lithium-ion, lithium ion HV, LiFePO4).
3. Temperature monitoring (45C max below 2A, 60C max below 3A).
4. 4 cell channels, with support for AAA sized cells all the way to the largest 21700/26650/D cells up to 78mm length.
5. Active cooling if temperature exceeds 45C, and if all channels are active above 2,5A.
6. Full current cutoff according to charging current (10%).
*_7. (5V-10V)-30V input voltage compatibility. Stops charging at 10V and below, but keeps charging settings.
8. Nickel coated phosphor bronze/brass rails for highest conductivity and accurate internal resistance measurement. Or just well plated nickel plated A3 steel if too expensive.
9. Internal resistance measurement.
10. Manual low voltage recovery for normal lithium ion cells.
Below 2,5V, maximum charge rate of 100mA.
Below 2,0V, maximum charge rate of 50mA.
Below 1,75V, it has to be manually activated.
Below 1,0V, maximum charge rate of at 25mA.
11. Adjustable max voltage for lithium ion charging: 3,65V-4,35V in 0,05V steps.
12. Storage charge mode: 3,6V. Lower would be better, but it is too low otherwise for most people.
13. Individual channel selection.
14. 4 button UI.
15. 100-200-350-500mA-700mA-1000mA discharging functionality.
16. Automatic charging current adjustment available.

Other basic features like reverse polarity protection will be included of course.

Extra features
1. microSD card slot for graphs.
2. Bluetooth functionality.
3. Charging/discharging graphs to a USB drive.

As we understand it, the target price is $49.

We wish the designer BlueSwordM the best of luck, and can’t wait to replace our SkyRC MC3000’s with this fantastic charger!  We can’t wait to see the final design!

All info taken from BudgetLightForum.

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