Astrolux Updates the MF01 with the MF01S

Astrolux has announced an update to the popular MF01.  It’s the MF01S, and it looks to be available with Luminus SST-20 emitters, and also Cree XP-G3 emitters.  Eighteen of them!

There will be many body colors available,  too.  Possibly (or probably) the following:

There are also banks of secondary emitters, possibly available in a multi-color array:

The total lumen output for the MF01S will increase a bit, from 12000 to 15000, at least with the coolest emitter option (6500K).

Throw is the bigger gainer, going from around 285m to over 600m (95000cd claimed).  This is a massive increase, and make it a compelling upgrade!

The driver for the Luminus SST-20 will be a Texas Ace FET.  The aux board will be the powered by a Lexel driver.

Also a big update is that the MF01S will have the Andúril driver by ToyKeeper.


It’s not available for order just yet, but as Astrolux is a BangGood house brand, it’ll be available at BangGood.  The price looks to be around 80 at first, possibly bumping to a MSRP of $120 after initial ordering.

Photos credit goes to Banggood Astrolux Flashlight Official Group.

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