Acebeam releases triple emitter 18650 headlamp, the H50

Acebeam, a brand never afraid to push the envelope and release multiple iterations of lights (a la the TK16 with multiple metals and emitters), has released the H50 headlamp.

The H50 can essentially be seen as an 18650 headlamp version of the TK18 – same emitter options, both e-switch, three emitters, etc.

Due to the build and layout, the H50 is a dedicated headlamp, and ships with a very nice headband.

Three emitter setups are available, and they all offer individual benefits.

3 x Samsung LH351D LED
3 x Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED
3 x Nichia 219C CRI≥90 LED

You’ll choose the Samsung for maximum output (2000 lumens).  You’ll choose the Nichia for the high CRI (CRI≥90).  And you’ll choose the Osram for the best throw (209m).  There is no possibility to mix the three emitters.  The three emitters can be used independently, however.

The H50 is an e-switch light, and the switch has indicating functions.

The H50 has built-in charging via USB-C, too!

The Acebeam H50 is a solid entry into the 18650 headlamp category.

The Acebeam H50 is available on amazon now for $89.90, with cell.


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