Acebeam Releases the E70 Flashlight

Acebeam E70
Acebeam E70

Acebeam has announced a completely new flashlight, and it boasts a completely unusual design.

Unfortunately there are not very many photos available at publication time, but there are many details.

This will be a 21700 cell light. That makes this a great size for EDC, and probably on par with the venerable Convoy S2+ (specifically the E70 is 9mm longer and 6mm larger in diameter).

We also know which emitter will be used – the Cree XHP70.2. This is a great emitter for massive output, and we’re sure Acebeam will put some power into it. The claim from this emitter is a maximum of 5000 lumens. That’s likely possible – other lights with the Cree XHP70.2 emitters have been tested at around 4000 lumens for the warm white. If Acebeam uses a cooler emitter there’s little doubt we can see 5000 lumens from the Acebeam E70 (but probably briefly).

Such massive output is thrown out of an orange peel reflector, and there’s a throw rating of 240m.

All these facts are great, but let’s look again at the design of the Acebeam E70. Quite unusual, and interesting.

Acebeam E70
Acebeam E70

The Acebeam E70 flashlight current shows “out of stock” but likely hasn’t been completely released yet. Stay tuned for its release!

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