Acebeam announces the K30 GT

Acebeam has announced an update to the K30.  The new version is called the K30 GT, and pushes out more lumens and triples (!!!) the throw.

Not much more info than that is available at this time.  The K30 GT utilizes a Luminus SBT-90 GEN2 emitter.  There’s also a Luminus SBT-90 RED available, and Acebeam has made that an option for this light as well.

The K30 GT, like the K30 before it, is powered by three 18650 cells.

The K30 GT, similar to the K30 before it, outputs 5500 lumens (K30 was 5200 lumens).

Unlike the K30, the K30 GT can throw light an incredible 1024 meters, whereas the K30 was rated to 374 meters.  This increase in throw seems to be simply based on the emitter difference, as both lights have smooth reflectors.

That said, the new K30 GT is markedly longer, so the smooth reflector might also be notably deeper.  The old length was 120.2mm, while the K30 GT is 155.5mm long.

Either way we are excited to see this update.  It’s nice to see new emitters coming to the forefront of envelope pushing lights.

The K30 GT will retail for $182.00, but doesn’t look to be available quite yet.


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